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​Sandesh Yoga will be moving to 
Main Street Wellness Company 
Classes start August 1st.
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Sandesh Yoga Studio Class Schedule 
What to expect in a yoga class:
Arrive a few minutes early - give yourself time to find your space and collect props - practice a few poses or come into relaxation. Set the tone for your practice. It's great to see your friends in class but it can be very distracting for yourself and others to have an extended or loud conversation going on.
Drink plenty of water prior to class.  DO NOT eat for 3 hours before class.  Bring plenty of water, towels and warm clothes to exit the class.  
Yoga classes are generally practiced in silence with the instructor talking in either Sanskrit and/or English.  Breathing is the very essence of the class! Your instructor will talk about different breathing/prana patterns.  
Every person takes yoga for very different reasons. However, it is generally a time of internal reflection, meditation and quietness.  Our World around us is so filled with noise, electronics and negativity that yoga is a refreshing, enlightening retreat from our daily noise.  
I hope you find Sandesh Yoga a warm, comforting, and enlightening experience.  

Class Drop-In and Package Rates:
Drop-In:  $15
2-Class Pass:  $24
6-Class Pass:  $70
15-Class Pass:  $135 
​Unlimited for one year:  $425

Classes are all level.  
What to bring to a Power, Hot Yoga Class:
Non-slip yoga mat and/or yoga towel (can find them at WalMart or Target)
Layers of clothes (you WILL sweat in these classes) so when you exit the class please bring an extra layer of pants, top, jacket and hat.  It is winter outside and you will catch cold if you do not layer.
Take a shower when you get home.  This will ensure all toxins that you have sweated out are not re-absorbed back through the skin.  it is also a nice calm way to sink into your evening!

Sandesh Yoga:  NEW LOCATION:  8350 Main Street.  Marshall, Va.  This is the building!