Sandesh Yoga Studio  



​Sandesh Yoga will be moving to 
Main Street Wellness Company 
Classes start August 1st.
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Sandesh Yoga Studio Description of Classes 
Power Yoga: A full Vinyasa (flow) yoga where the room is warm (~90-95 degrees).  We work on core, alignment, and hand balancing to allow for a full body workout.  Concentration on breathing techniques, inversions and balancing chakras all while you are in constant motion. An incredible way of toning and sculpting the body while embracing breath and balance of mind and body.  
Vinyasa Hour:  The room is warm (about 80 degrees) and moves at a slower pace than the classes on Mondays and Wednesdays.   I will focus more on alignment, breathing techniques and stretching.  Super fun for you to bring a friend to try yoga out for the first time. A very inviting class for those that would like to bring their husbands or men that fear yoga. :)   Refreshments served after class during the summer!